The Field Museum

Neotropical Plants Website

The Field Museum's Plant Identification Tools website is a curated botanical collection of plant specimens from Central and South America. I collaborated with The Field Museum's IT Department in creating the website.

The Field Museum’s goal was to combine two websites (Live Plant Photos, Herbarium Specimens) into one site with two different avenues of navigation. Additionally, the interface needed to be scalable to the non-coders, since they would be making all future modifications to the site.

The back-end developers set up the database that would dynamically populate the sites content while I proceeded to design the site — unsure of text lengths or image quantities — and relying heavily on flexbox.

The website consists of twelve pages and features a search functionality designed to be flexible enough to support any number of search results — from one to 100,000. Every page of the Plant ID Tools website is accessible in three languages — English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The collection includes 100,000+ high-quality digital images of live plant photos and herbarium specimens, covering more than 35% of all species in the Neotropics.​​​​​​​

Date: 2017–2018
Role: Graphic Design, User Interface Design, Front-end Development
Tools: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Laravel Blade

Several iPhone mock-ups in perspective layout.