Brand Identity, Responsive Website & Package Design

Biba translates to 'sweet, pretty girl' in Punjabi. To communicate this into the brand, I chose an elegant script font. Then flourishes were made to Biba's exterior characters, 'b' and 'a', which added an organic, natural touch to Biba's existing personality.

Packaging was also designed and included a mirrored lip gloss compact and brush, travel pouch, a box to hold it all, and plastic inserts to keep everything in its place. Hours were spent measuring, prototyping, and remeasuring to get the packaging deliverables just right. Lastly, a five-page Bootstrap site was designed — officially launching the Biba brand into the world.

Date: 2014–2015
Role: Graphic, Website, and Package Design
Tools: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, JavaScript, Package Design

Biba Lips compact nestled in yellow flowers.