The Worst Logos Ever

Worst Logos Ever

What were these people thinking?

Worst Logos Ever: A-Style Logo


Italian clothing manufacturer A-Style intended this logo just as it is. Not surprisingly, the company has since gone out of business.
Worst Logos Ever: Bing


Bing’s poorly scaled text is a typographer’s nightmare. Sometimes one has to wonder if Microsoft is just doing this on purpose.
Worst Logos Ever: Highlight


Please just make it stop.
Worst Logos Ever: Wikipedia


Scaled down, all detail is lost. The 3D gradient doesn’t translate well into a logo, either. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and the Wikipedia logo does not have it.
Worst Logos Ever: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams

And then there is Sherwin William’s sinister “Cover the earth” logo.
Worst Logos Ever: K9 Compassion Foundation

K9 Compassion Foundation

Is the guy riding the dog?
Worst Logos Ever: Catwear


No need to feel left out, cat lovers. This one is for you. Catwear’s specialties include “Clothing for the Independent Woman” and implementing a cat butt for a logo. I wish this were a joke. 😐
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