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My 7 Step Web Design Process

Web Design Process

My 7 step process for creating a website.

Sad Pug

Worst Logos Ever

What were they thinking?

How to Maximize Your Creativity

15 Ways to Increase Creativity

Creativity is mostly a learned, meaning it’s a skill that can be improved upon. Why not start now?

Copyright, Trademark & Registered Explained In 3 Minutes

Copyright, Trademark & Registered Explained

What you need to know about protecting your logo.

Best Logos Ever

Best Logos Ever

It's time for a redesign if...

Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Signs your website needs an upgrade.

The Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

7 Ways Your Website Is Driving Away Customers

7 Ways Your Website Drives Away Customers

Put the kibosh on these practices.

Recycling 101 Guide

Recycling 101

Recycling 101 Infographic (+ Downloadable PDF).

Questions to Ask When Hiring A Designer

Questions to Ask When Hiring A Designer

Choose the right designer with these questions.

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